Saras 008

Woman super hero

Even though Saras 008 is only the imagination super hero, many children like to watch this TV series. It become of of the popular TV program in Indonesia. Similar to other popular TV series in Indonesia, there were some actors involved in this series. If you ever watched it, we are sure that Asty Ananta, Selly Hasan, and Cindy Dewiana are familiar to you. That is right! This series talks about a woman super hero who always helps people fight the crime. Perhaps, this series will get the similiar popularity when there is the producer who produces new version Saras 008.

If you want to know the full episodes of this TV series, might you can check if you have the DVD or not. Online watching is another option you can take. Unfortunately, some people do not upload HD video. In some condition, you will watch the video with bad quality.

Gatot Kaca

Indonesian super hero

As an Indonesian, we are sure that most people ever hear words "Gatot Kaca". Though you know the whole story of this character, at least you know who he is. Simply, he is one of the characters of Mahabharata. He is well known as a man who has the super power. In Indonesia, he becomes so popular. In Java puppetry, he is known as Gatutkaca. Due to he has the super power, so he is able to fly in the air without the wings. For people in this modern era, perhaps it is not reasonable where person can fly without any kind of helps.

On the other hand, he has the great strength. In Indonesian, he has nickname "otot kawat tulang besi". No, it is not matter to tell the story of this hero. However, for some people, Gatotkaca completes the culture of Indonesia especially in puppetry world. So what do you know about this super hero?



Are you familiar to Nusantaranger?

Similar to the power ranger in the world, Nusantaranger also has the super power. Though it is the imagination series, many children act as the ranger regardless of the color. Simply, Nusantaranger is the story about five young people who get the super power from the biggest islands in Indonesia. They come to fight Kelana, a man who wants to take over the Marcapada. It is wrong if you think that your country does not have super heroes. There is the big worry because most kids are more familiar to the super heroes from other countries such as Batman, Superman and more.

There is the goal of the appearance of Nusantaranger. That is to show to the kids that Indonesia has the super hero too. In recent years, there are some super heroes who are more familiar to kids such as Bima Sakti and more. However, this is only an entertainment, so make sure that your kid will never imitate what the characters do in fighting.

Gundala Putra Petir

Indonesian comic character

Gundala Putra Petir is the comic written by an Indonesian, Hasmi. This comic has the fantasy genre. Even though it is made by an Indonesian, the appearance of super hero looks like the Unite State super hero. Do not you know? Gundala has become one of the most popular Indonesian comics. Hasmi created this comic in 1960s. The physical Gundala is inspired from the super hero The flash.

That is right! In these days, this comic might be rare to find. If you want to know the whole story of this comic, you can go to the book store. Well, when you do not get what you look for, I think you can go to the store, which sell the old and rare comics, books, and even novels. By reading this comic, you will be able to know how Indonesia is. Then, you will know some great locations in your country.


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